it was a very good year

today i turn 28. 28 years old!! i apologize for those older than me that this comment may offend, but 28 sounds so old!! luckily many on board think i have just turned 23, so it seems the ship isn’t aging me in the same manner it does some others. the ship… when i posted on my 27th birthday i never imagined that word would become so prevalent in my vocabulary and just about the very essence of my life. last year i never expected to be where i was, and certainly never expected to be where i am now.

speaking of last year, in keeping with last year’s theme of age-number-list-making, here lies a second edition. while last year’s post was 27 things to know about me, this year’s post will contain 28 things i’ve done since cardiff as a means to catch up my blog and create a birthday post that distracts me from how old i’m getting and lets me focus on how much fun i’m having. two birds – meet one stone. here goes…

since my last port post (cardiff), i:

LONDON, ENGLAND (june11-june29)
1. attended a sunday service at hillsong.
2. went on a double decker bus prayer drive throughout the whole city.
3. saw phantom of the opera for the very first time. very good seats at a very cheap price.
4. was stricken with a terrible flu for a whole week of our visit.

CORK, IRELAND (july1-july14)
5. shared my testimony on a radio station.
6. kissed the blarney stone.
7. celebrated the 4th of july roasting marshmallows and making s’mores on the top deck of the ship.

THE ATLANTIC VOYAGE (july14-july27)
8. saw dolphings, glowing plankton, flying fish, and a whale.
9. slept outside under the stars in the middle of the atlantic ocean.
10. enjoyed barbecues, worship nights and outdoor movies on the top deck of the ship.

KINGSTOWN, ST. VINCENT (july27-august12)
11. attended a week-long clinic on board learning to share the gospel with children and personally saw 12 kids give their lives to christ.
12. took part in a 90-minute drama performance of the entire gospel of mark.
13. spent a day doing ministry with mentally and physically handicapped children singing songs, playing games, and performing puppet shows.

ST. GEORGES, GRENADA (august13-august25)
14. visited a small church held in a building that used to be a whiskey shop.
15. was blessed by a local woman who gave two friends and i a day-long tour of the entire island and fed us amazing pizza at the end of it all.

SCARBOROUGH, TOBAGO (august26-september14)
16. spent 2 weeks off the ship at PST, training and getting to know new crew members joining the ship.
17. jumped off the side of the ship and overturned a 25-person life raft (an empty one) as part of basic safety training.

PORT OF SPAIN, TRINIDAD (september15-october14)
18. trained to use puppets in ministry and performed in front of a crowd waiting to get onto the ship.
19. made popcorn on the stove for 8 straight hours to feed the crowds waiting to get on board.
20. saw a manta ray that seemed to have a “wingspan” the width of a car.

CASTRIES, ST. LUCIA (october15-october27)
21. emceed an event for the first time ever – 400 youth from around st. lucia came to an amazing concert event on board with christian rappers and singers from the UK to be challenged to “reach for life.”
22. moved to a new cabin (my 4th so far) with my friend anna. i enjoy 2-person cabins much more than 4-person ones!

BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS (october28-november16)
23. swam with sea turtles.
24. spent 8 unexpected days at anchor rationing water, training for ministry and spending time with God.

GEORGETOWN, GUYANA (november25-december15)
25. celebrated thanksgiving by helping to make 16 pies and a squash casserole.
26. spent a week on a challenge team and shared the gospel with 9 girls at a girls safe home.
27. chopped through south american jungle with a machete while facing off against 5 tarantulas, a snake and a baby scorpion. my challenge team was helping to clear area for a playground for the above mentioned girls.
28. had my very first (and second) surprise birthday party.


it’s been a very good year


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