sretan rodjendan!

um, i think that’s how you write “happy birthday” in bosnian. don’t ask me how to pronounce it – i haven’t a clue!! but i’ll learn soon enough.

so, today is my birthday. my 27th birthday… this is the first year i’ve actually dreaded getting older – not because i am getting older, but more because i feel like my life is not the picture of what i imagine a 27 year old life to be. this is most likely due to the fact that my entire life is in upheaval and i am headed where i never expected the Lord would take me. and i suppose this upheaval at any age would leave me with some “dread” (or something in the “dread” category) about aging one more year, and that it’s not so much about the number i am turning but rather the direction i am heading and the trust that requires.
this birthday seems to be a big one…


while browsing the interweb weeks ago, i spotted another blogger celebrating their bday by listing a number of tidbits/facts/trivia about herself that equalled her age number. i figured with this forum for sharing about my life with the many friends and supporters with whom i have been/will be joining forces, this could be a crafty little way to reveal a bit more about who i am to those who may be curious to know.
so… here goes!


1. if you call me and don’t leave a message, i won’t call you back
2. every sunday night i order chinese food from the same place. they have started referring to me as “sesame chicken”
3. i can’t fall asleep in a room with a ticking clock
4. i do believe that the burrito is God’s most perfect food
5. i have a hopeless crush on vince vaughn. zac efron is a close second
6. in the past 2 1/2 years i have been to games at 14 different baseball stadiums
7. breakfast is the best
8. if i weren’t moving overseas, i would be asking for power tools for my bday/christmas
9. i don’t like odd numbers
10. i don’t like talking on the phone while in my car because it takes away from time that could be spent singing at the top of my lungs with no one around to hear
11. i WILL be on a game show before i die
12. i have to ration how much news i read/watch – the state of the world sends me into a panic
13. the movie of my life will be directed by wes anderson. i will be played by amanda peet
14. i can say “kiss me big butt” in polish
15. i do crossword puzzles every night before going to bed
16. i HATE charmin commercials – you know, the butt-wiggling red and blue bears who go to the bathroom behind trees…
17. when i feel nauseous, everything smells to me like shaving cream. thus, the smell of shaving cream makes me nauseous
18. after a large snow i accidentally parked my roommate’s car on our front lawn
19. i love anyone with down syndrome
20. my favorite part of any movie is the outtakes
21. i love digging holes in the ground
22. i can’t drink beer, eat cake or take prilosec. allergic reactions ensue.
23. my favorite cities in the world: munich, rome & chicago
24. i used to tell people that jesse “the body” ventura was my uncle
25. i have ruined a pair of pants by washing and drying them with a tube of chapstick in the pocket. twice.
26. all my life i looked forward to being 26 years old
27. it frightens me that when i return from bosnia i will be almost thirty…!!!



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